News Releases

How NETL Helps Key Universities Teach Tomorrow’s Smart Grid Experts About New Monitoring Tool
May 30, 2014
Upgrading the nation’s interconnected system of electricity production and transmission to improve reliability, security, and economy requires innovative solutions and highly qualified professionals to operate and maintain new smart grid technologies. NETL is playing an important role in both grid improvements and workforce development.

Four Researchers from NETL-Led Grid Technologies Collaborative Recognized with Prestigious Awards
May 29, 2014

Four researchers who are part of a National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) team focused on improving the nation’s aging electric power system have been recognized over the past year with awards for their work on smart grid initiatives.

How Four NETL-Managed Projects are Improving the Nation’s Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
May 29, 2014
Four smart grid projects managed by the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) are improving the infrastructure needed for charging electric vehicles—work that will reduce petroleum dependence, enhance environmental stewardship, and improve economic growth through job creation.

Smart Grid Tool Helps Utility Companies Make Smart Decisions
May 28, 2014

Transforming the nation’s aging power grid—the interconnected system of electric power generation, transmission, and distribution—into a reliable smart grid that bolsters national security, improves emissions, and fuels a growing economy requires utility company leaders to make complex business and technology decisions. The Energy Department is providing assistance to navigate those challenges.

How the National Labs Help Us Understand the Inner Workings of Power Plants
May 27, 2014
From discovering subatomic particles to developing protective coatings for airplanes, our National Labs are constantly making advancements in research and development. This week, the National Energy Technology Lab held an open project review meeting to show the public exactly what they’re working on right now.