News Releases

Cleantech: Innovative Lab Partnership Reduces Emissions from Coal
January 30, 2014

As the United States transitions to cleaner, greener sources of power, the Energy Department is investing in technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from burning the fossil fuels that many areas of our country still rely upon. Recently, the National Energy Technology Laboratory partnered with Great River Energy to increase operating efficiencies and reduce the emission of pollutants at the company's Coal Creek Station in North Dakota using a new fuel enhancement system called DryFining™.

The Energy Department Seeks Your Novel Ideas for Advanced Energy Systems
January 07, 2014
Do you care about power and our environment? Are you buzzing with innovative ideas? If so, the Energy Department wants to hear your new and creative concepts for improving the cost and performance of power or industrial systems that depend on fossil energy.

Celebrating a Decade of Carbon Storage Research Through Partnership
January 07, 2014

For the past decade, the Office of Fossil Energy's National Energy Technology Laboratory has managed a nationwide network of partnerships that team government, industry, academia, and nonprofit organizations to identify the best approaches for permanently storing CO2 in deep geologic formations.

Uncovering Coal's Secrets Through the University Coal Research Program
January 06, 2014

The challenges confronting the environmentally sound use of our country’s fossil energy resources are best addressed through collaborative research and development. That’s why this approach, which stretches federal dollars, is at the heart of the Office of Fossil Energy’s University Coal Research (UCR) Program.