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R&D Magazine - R&D 100 Awards:

The Awards, widely recognized as the "Oscars of Innovation," identifies and celebrates the top high technology products of the year. Sophisticated testing equipment, innovative new materials, chemistry breakthroughs, biomedical products, consumer items, high-energy physics: the R&D 100 Awards spans industry, academia, and government-sponsored research.


  • Cerium Oxide Coating for Oxidation Rate Reduction in Stainless Steels and Nickel Superalloys, Paul Jablonski and Dave Alman
  • osgBullet. Co-developers/contributors include Skew Matrix Software, Idaho National Laboratory, US Army Armament Research Development & Engineering Center (ARDEC), Terry Jordan


  • VE-PSI: Virtual Engineering – Process Simulator Interface. Co-developers/contributors include Reaction Engineering International.
  • SEQURE(™) Tracer Technology
  • THIEF Process for the Removal of Mercury from Flue Gas. Co-developers/contributors include Nalco Mobotec.
  • Clay-Liquid CO2 Removal Sorbent. Co-developers/contributors include Sud Chemie.


  • Advanced Process Engineering Co-Simulator (APECS) with ANSYS® Engineering Knowledge ManagerTM (EKMTM). Co-developers/contributors include ANSYS Inc. , ALSTOM Power Inc. , Aspen Technology Inc, Carnegie Mellon University
  • High Temperature Palladium Sorbent to Remove Mercury in Gasification Process. Co-developers/contributors include Johnson Matthey, Inc.

Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (FLC)

The Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (FLC) is the nationwide network of federal laboratories that provides the forum to develop strategies and opportunities for linking laboratory mission technologies and expertise with the marketplace. The FLC was organized in 1974 and formally chartered by the Federal Technology Transfer Act of 1986 to promote and strengthen technology transfer nationwide. Today, more than 250 federal laboratories and centers and their parent departments and agencies are FLC members.


  • Excellence in Technology Transfer Award - Basic Immobilized Amine Sorbent Process for CO2 Capture, McMahan (Mac) Gray and Henry Pennline
  • Excellence in Technology Transfer Award - Virtual Engineering – Process Simulator Interface (VE-PSI), Terry Jordan and Steve Zitney
  • Outstanding Technology Development - Cerium-Oxide Coating for Stainless Steels and Nickel Alloys, Paul Jablonski and Dave Alman
  • Outstanding Commercialization Success - AUREX 95P, an advanced refractory material for industrial gasifiers.
  • Interagency Partnership Award Recognizes the efforts of laboratory employees from at least two different agencies who have collaboratively accomplished outstanding work in the process of transferring a technology. The other DOE labs were LAN and ORNL. DoD agencies were the Office of Naval Research and the Air Force Research Laboratory


  • Excellence in Technology Transfer Award - Thief Process for the Removal of Mercury from Flue Gas
  • Excellence in Technology Transfer Award - Ammonia-based Scrubbing Process to Capture CO2 from Power Generation


  • Excellence in Technology Transfer Award - High-Temperature Sorbent to Control Mercury in Gasification Processes
  • Excellence in Technology Transfer Award - Coal Chemistry Module

Federal Executive Boards (FEBs)

The FEBs, established by Presidential Directive in 1961, are a forum for communication and collaboration among Federal agencies outside of Washington, DC. The need for effective coordination among the field activities of Federal departments and agencies was then, and is still, very clear. Approximately 88 percent of all Federal employees work outside the National Capital Region. Federal programs have their impact largely through the actions of the field representatives of the departments and agencies. In addition, Federal representatives are the principal contact with the Federal Government for the citizens of the United States. The National network of 28 FEBs, located in areas of significant Federal populations, serves as the cornerstone for strategic partnering in Government.

The committee plans and promotes an annual Excellence in Government Awards Program that recognizes the accomplishments and contributions of Federal employees in 22 different award categories.


  • Silver Award for Excellence in the Outstanding Supervisor/Manager in a Professional Series. William A. Rogers.


  • Outstanding Professional Employee, Gold Award. Ray Boswell
  • Outstanding Professional Employee, Bronze Award. John Wimer
  • Outstanding Contribution to Science, Gold Award. Dan Sorescu
  • Outstanding Contribution to Science. Bronze Award. Dan Driscoll
  • Rookie of the Year, Silver Award. Bryan Morreale
  • Rookie of the Year, Bronze Award. Phil DiPietro


  • 7,704,746: Curt White (ret. ), Rodney Diehl, Arthur Wells & Brian Strazisar, Detecting Leakage from Geological Formations Used to Sequester CO2
  • 7,740,948: Maryanne Alvin, Thermal Barrier Coatings
  • 7,767,000: Ranjani Siriwardane, Regenerable Hydrogen Chloride Removal Sorbent and Regenerable Multi-functional Sulfide and Hydrogen Chloride Removal Sorbent for High-Temperature Gas Streams
  • 7,776,780: Henry Pennline & Evan Granite, Catalyst for Oxidation of Mercury in Flue Gas
  • 7,839,282: Mahendra Mathur (ret. ) & James Spenik, Capacitance Probe for Detection of Anomalies in Non-metallic Plastic Pipes
  • 7,842,146: Yee Soong, Shiela Hedges, Robert Dilmore (ORISE), & Douglas Allen (Salem State College), CO2Separation from Low-Temperature Flue Gases
  • 7,900,811: David Alman, Daniel Davis, & Richard Wilson (ret. ), Method for Producing Components with Internal Architectures
  • 7,922,792: Yee Soong, Douglas E. Allen (ORISE), Chen Zhu (Indiana University) Bauxite Residue and Brine Solutions for CO2 /SO2 Capture/Sequestration

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Director's Award for Exemplary Service to the Nation - The USGS presented its Directors Award for Exemplary Service to the Nation to three NETL researchers for applying advanced techniques under extreme time constraints to estimate leakage rates which assisted in setting levels of response following the drilling rig explosion at the Macondo Well in April 2010 – Grant Bromhal, George Guthrie, and Frank Shaffer

100 Years of Innovation

  • May 16, 1910 – May 16, 2010

  • We looked back on 100 years of NETL research, which met each decade's pressing energy needs, and then ahead to our next century of service to the Nation

Management Division Award


  • Bestowed by AIChE for substantial contribution to the management of engineers involved in the chemical process industries and management techniques and procedures utilized in those industries.

Green Heart Award


  • Bestowed by Phipps Conservatory, Recognized for the immense benefits we provide to the region and country by spearheading sustainable development projects.

Energy Leadership Award


  • Bestowed by the Pittsburgh Business Times for NETL's role in growing Pittsburgh into an international hub.

Secretary of Energy Achievement Awards

  • The NETL team was honored for work in formulating a unique platinum-chromium alloy used for new generation coronary stents, which are used to successfully treat patients with coronary artery disease. The NETL team, comprising Paul Turner, Paul Jablonski, and Ed Argetsinger, jointly developed the alloy with Boston Scientific Corporation Inc. Stents made with the alloy are stronger, thinner, more flexible, and easier to see on x-ray than previous stainless stents.

Secretary of Energy Appreciation Award

  • NETL employee Jay Hanna attended a recognition ceremony in Energy Secretary Chu's office to receive a "Secretary Appreciation Certificate" and commemorative paperweight for his work representing DOE to FEMA Region II during Hurricane Sandy.

Hispanic Engineer National Achievement Awards Corporation (HENAAC) Award for Outstanding Technical Achievement

  • Dr. Alexandra "Ale" Hakala serves as the technical coordinator for shale gas research, managing multiple projects within NETL's Research & Innovation Center. She leads two research teams in addition to performing her own research. One of these teams is developing knowledge that could lead to computational models for predicting risks associated with shale gas development. This could lead to higher confidence that processes used to tap the United States' abundant gas shale reservoirs are environmentally safe. The second team is studying reactions that may occur along fractured pathways in a geothermal reservoir and developing detailed models of physical changes expected in unique geothermal systems.


From Schlumberger/Slider on the 10-year anniversary of the commercialization of Slider technology – "For support of small business innovation and promoting industry utilization of these new technologies to stimulate the economy and promote national good."

Samuel J. Heyman Service to America Medals

  • Finalist – Science and Environmental Medal – Paul Jablonski
    The award pays tribute to the dedicated federal workforce, highlighting those who have made significant contributions to the country.

Arthur S. Flemming Award

  • Social Science, Clinical Trials, and Translational Research – Paul Jablonski

Office of Fossil Energy Excellence in ES&H Award

  • NETL Activity Hazards Analysis Program for Construction Contracts
    Mike Monahan, Dan Maloney, Allen Lichvar, Dave Hyman, Steve Curfman, Keith Knotts, and Matt Menas