Features - August 2015

NETL knows that our people are what makes our laboratory unique


The National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) is proud of the advancements and achievements that have come out of our labs. From a coronary stent that has saved thousands of lives to mercury capture that has helped keep our environment safe, the technological innovations we have produced are making a real, tangible differences in our world.


We’re proud of these accomplishments, but more than that—we’re proud of the people who have made them possible.
Science is not done in a vacuum (unless it’s particle physics, in which case it might well be); it is the product of enthusiastic, dedicated individuals. At NETL, we know that the most important assets we have are the people who make up our organization. Every employee we have provides skills and competencies that keep our laboratories functioning—from our maintenance and technical support staff, who keep our labs clean and operational, to our leadership team, who guides our research to best serve the NETL mission.

And, of course, our scientists, researchers, and engineers whose perseverance and passion are the lynchpin of our laboratory’s success.

The ingenuity and commitment of NETL’s workforce is the catalyst that spurs our laboratory on to tackle the energy challenges facing America. Surmounting challenges is what NETL is all about. With our exceptional facilities and impressive array of skilled scientists and engineers, we’re committed to pursuing a broad spectrum of energy and environmental research that translates into solid benefits for generations to come.