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Primary Performer

High Temperature Electronics

DE-AC26-97FT34175 Development of a High Temperature Logging While Drilling Tool Sperry-Sun Drilling Services
DE-FC26-03NT41834 Development of Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) High Temperature Electronics Honeywell, Inc.
DE-FC26-04NT42107 Harsh-Environment Solid-State Gamma Detector for Down-hole Gas and Oil Exploration General Electric Global Research Center
DE-FC26-04NT42950 Harsh Environment Electronics Packaging General Electric Global Research Center
DE-FC26-05NT42656 Development of A 275 C Downhole Microcomputer System Oklahoma State University
DE-FC26-06NT42945 High Temperature Capacitor Development Giner, Inc.
DE-FC26-06NT42946 High-Temperature Battery for Drilling Applications Electrochemical Systems, Inc. (ESI)
DE-FC26-06NT42947 Deep Trek Re-configurable Processor for Data Acquisition Honeywell International Inc.
DE-FC26-06NT42948 275C Downhole Switched-Mode Power Supply Oklahoma State University
DE-FC26-06NT42949 Development of High Temperature Capacitor Technology and Manufacturing Capability Hamilton Sundstrand
DE-PS26-03NT41835 An Innovative High-Temperature, High Pressure Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD) Tool Schlumberger Technology Corporation
FEW35107-50 Measurement While Drilling Using Silicon-On-Insulator Sandia National Laboratories

Drilling & Comp. Tech.

DE-AC26-97FT34345 High Temperature Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD) Development Maurer Engineering, Inc.
DE-FC26-00NT41023 Advanced Drill Components by Microwave Pennsylvania State University
DE-FC26-01NT41229 Very High-Speed Drill String Communications Network Novatek Engineering, Inc.
DE-FC26-02NT41601 Downhole Power Generation and Wireless Communications for Intelligent Completion Applications Tubel Technologies, Inc.
DE-FC26-02NT41656 Electromagnetic (EM) Telemetry Tool for Deep Well Drilling Applications E-Spectrum Technologies Inc.
DE-FC26-02NT41657 Optimization of Deep Drilling Performance Development and Benchmark Testing of Advanced Diamond Product Bits and High Pressure/High Temperature Fluids to Significantly Improve Rates of Penetration Terra Tek, Inc.
DE-FC26-02NT41662 Improved Tubulars for Better Economics in Deep Gas Well Drilling Using Microwave Technology Pennsylvania State University
DE-FC26-02NT41663 Stimulation Technology for Deep Well Completions Pinnacle Technologies Inc.
DE-FC26-02NT41664 Drilling Vibration Monitoring and Control System APS Technology
DE-FC26-03NT41836 Supercement for Annular Seal and Long term Integrity in Deep, Hot Wells Cementing Solutions Inc.
DE-FC26-04NT42242 Advanced Seismic While Drilling System Technology International, Inc. (TII)
DE-FC26-05NT42655 Development of a High Pressure/High Temperature Downhole Turbine Generator Dexter Magnetic Technologies, Inc.
DE-FC26-97FT33063 Advanced High-Pressure Coiled-Tubing Drilling System Maurer Engineering, Inc.
DE-FC26-97FT34368 New High Strength and Faster Drilling Thermally Stable Polycrystalline (TSP) Diamond Cutters Technology International, Inc.
DE-FG02-02ER83368 Rotary Steerable Motor System for Deep Gas Drilling APS Technology
FWP-49066 Application Of High Powered Lasers To Drilling And Completing Deep Wells Argonne National Laboratory
FWP-LONG3 Industry Workshop on Drilling Technology Sandia National Laboratories

Exploration Technologies

DE-FC26-04NT42239 Imaging Super-Deep Gas Plays Across the Gulf of Mexico Shelf University of Texas at Austin, BEG
DE-FC26-01NT41234 Development of a 400 Level 3C Clamped Downhole Seismic Receiver Array for 3-D Borehole Seismic Imaging of Gas Reservoirs Paulsson Geophysics Services, Inc.
DE-FC26-04NT42240 Ultra-Deep Wave-Equation Imaging and Migration 3DGeo
DE-FC26-04NT42241 A Robust MEMS Based Multi-Component Sensor for 3-D Borehole Seismic Arrays Paulsson Geophysical Services, Inc.
DE-FC26-04NT42243 Novel Use of P-wave and S-wave Seismic Attenuation for Deep Natural Gas Exploration and Development Rock Solid Images (RDSPI, LP)

Resource Assessments

DE-AT21-93MC30139 USGS Western Basins Geology and Resource Studies U.S. Geological Survey
DE-FC26-03NT41856 Creating a Geologic Play Book for Trenton Black River Appalachian Basin Exploration West Virginia University Research Corporation
DE-FC26-03NT41875 Resource Assessment of Deep Natural Gas Resource of the Onshore Salt Basins NE Gulf of Mexico University of Alabama