Computational Capabilities to Develop Materials for Advanced Fossil Energy Power Systems
February 23, 2011

Table of Contents



  • Overview of FOA000260 awards 
    Patricia Rawls, NETL
  • Computational Design of Creep Resistant Alloys and Experimental Validation in Ferritic Alloys
    Peter Liaw, U. Tennessee
  • Computational Capabilities for Predictions of Interactions at the Grain Boundaries of Refractory Alloys
    Alex Vasenkov, CFD Research Corp
  • Large Scale Simulations of the Mechanical Properties of Layered Transition Metal Ternary Compounds for Fossil Energy Power System Applications
    Wai-Yim Ching, U. Missouri - Kansas City
  • Modeling Creep-Fatigue- Environment Interactions in Steam Turbine Rotor Materials for Advanced Ultrasupercritical Coal Power Plants
    Liang Jiang, GE Global Research

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