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Fit for Purpose Projects

Fit-for-Purpose projects are focused on developing specific subsurface engineering approaches that address research needs critical for widespread deployment. Data from Fit-for-Purpose field projects will validate National Risk Assessment Partnership (NRAP) tools for reservoir modeling and assessing site-specific risks of leakage and induced seismicity at the 50+ million metric tons (MMT) scale. The research and development (R&D) performed in these projects will have crosscutting benefits to integrated subsurface science, including sharing technology testing data and information, project field sites to test technologies developed, best practices, and modeling and simulation capabilities as part of a network of U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) field test sites for various applications (geothermal, nuclear waste isolation, shale gas, and unconventional oil).

Key Technologies

More information on each key technology research effort can be obtained by clicking on the hyperlinks above.

Technology Component Portfolio Interactive Map

The National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) is supporting a diverse portfolio of projects, which can be viewed in the Tableau Dashboard below. This map is entirely interactive; adjusting the toolbar on the left allows you to narrow your selection, pan, or zoom in/out. The map can be sorted by Technology Area; clicking on a location allows you to learn more about each individual project. 

Adjusting the Icon Spread Factor allows you to simultaneously view projects with the same locations. NOTE: Some of the projects, while they share a location, appear staggered to allow the viewer to show multiple projects at the same location. In those instances, as well those in which the location is marked as "Regional," the location is estimated.

Please note that the interactive map is best viewed using the Internet Explorer or Edge internet browsers.