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Coal & Coal-Biomass to Liquids

Coal-BiomassTurning coal into liquid fuels like gasoline, diesel and jet fuel, with biomass to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, is the main goal of the Coal and Coal-Biomass to Liquids program. The program also aims to reduce the cost of these low-emission fuels, and will take advantage of carbon capture and sequestration technologies to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Other Coal and Coal-Biomass to Liquids (C&CBTL) Program Activities: The C&CBTL Program coordinates and works with other DOE programs, national laboratories, and private organizations to ensure that gasification R&D dovetails well with other R&D efforts, and to ensure efficient technology development with minimum cost to the taxpayer. Other program activities include; educating the public about C&CBTL and ongoing contacts and discussions with the public and industry concerning what the future of C&CBTL should be.

Technology area contact:

Dave Lyons