justin weber

Justin Weber has worked at NETL as a general engineer since 2009. He is involved in numerous projects, both computational and experimental, that involve Multiphase Flow, or the movement of a mixture of gas and solids (like sand blowing on a beach). Understanding these flows is critical to a number of technologies being developed at NETL including Chemical Looping, Carbon Capture, and Coal Gasification. Weber conducts experiments to better understand these flows and works to develop tools to aid in the design of these chemical processes, including the MFIX-GUI and a Python library pyqtnode.

The technologies that Weber works on are designed to make energy production cleaner and more efficient; chemical looping is a promising technology for power generation from fossil fuels that simultaneously produces heat and a concentrated CO2 stream to facilitate carbon capture, and the MFIX-GUI tool helps optimize chemical processes using computational fluid dynamics. To Weber, “The most rewarding experience is actually seeing technologies and tools that you developed in the hands of others.” Outside of his research, Weber is invested in STEM outreach. He participates in the West Virginia Science Bowl, mentors interns at NETL, and has been working towards establishing a makerspace in Morgantown that helps make tools like 3D printers available to anyone in the local community.