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Advanced Energy Systems - Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

SOFC Protection Coatings Based on a Cost-Effective Aluminization Process

Performer: NexTech Materials Ltd.

Project No: SC0008203

Project Description

To demonstrate the applicability of NexTech Materials' aluminization process to solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) applications, two commercially important systems will be investigated. (1) Compatibility of aluminide coating with SOFC stack components will be evaluated, including interactions with sealant materials and other cell components. A complete interconnect coating solution will be demonstrated by integrating the aluminide coating with the existing manganese cobalt oxide (MCO) active layer coating. The performance of these dual MCO/aluminide coated interconnects will be validated through three-cell stack tests. (2) The high-temperature corrosion protection and chromium volatilization mitigation of aluminide coated balance of plant (BOP) components will be evaluated. The commercial potential of the aluminization process for providing protective aluminide coatings for both the non-active seal area of metallic interconnects and BOP components will be quantified based on an analysis of cost and performance. This work leverages NexTech’s process technology for applying conductive oxide protective coatings to ferritic steels. This process has already been translated from the laboratory to pilot-scale manufacturing.

Project Details