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SBIR Phase II PRA No. 02-10ER85353.001. Molecular Separations Using Micro-Defect Free Ultra Thin Films

Performer: Eltron Research & Development

Project No: SC0000868

Project Description

Eltron Research and Development, Inc., in a Phase II SBIR project, is developing a cost-effective means of fabricating ultra thin films for recovering highly pure methane from a syngas stream. Phase I of this research focused on material evaluation for the separation of carbon dioxide and methane, while in Phase II, the technique being developed will be applicable to all types of membrane filters, both liquids and gases, making them capable of implementation in a range of applications. The method will provide a means to repair membranes that have cracked due to fouling or aging, greatly extending their usable lifetimes. This will allow the fabrication of these membranes to become economically viable by providing a means to produce high quality thin film membranes that consistently possess a high flux for carbon dioxide with a low flux for methane. The current project plan will establish the temperature and pressure boundaries over which these materials can operate efficiently as well as the best production processes for bringing this technology to market.


SEM micrograph showing the membrane surface.

 SEM micrograph showing the membrane surface.

Project Details