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Recovery Act: Oxy-Combustion Technology Development for Industrial-Scale Boiler Applications

Performer: Alstom Power Inc

Project No: NT0005290

Project Description

Alstom will develop an oxy-fuel firing system design specifically for retrofit to tangential-fired (T-fired) boilers and provide information to address the technical gaps for commercial boiler design. Several oxy-fuel system design concepts, such as internal flue gas recirculation and various oxygen injection schemes, will be evaluated for cost-effectiveness in satisfying furnace design conditions in a T-fired boiler. The evaluation will use an array of tools, including Alstom's proprietary models and design codes, along with 3-D computational fluid dynamics modeling. A techno-economic analysis will also be performed to assess the overall viability of concepts. Performance testing will be conducted in pilot-scale tests at Alstom's 15-megawatt (MW) T-Fired Boiler Simulation Facility and 15-MW Industrial Scale Burner Facility.

Alstom oxy-combustion test facility.

Alstom oxy-combustion test facility.

Project Details