CCS and Power Systems

Advanced Energy Systems - Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Operating on Alternative and Renewable Fuels

Performer: Pennsylvania State University

Project No: NT0004396

Project Scope and Technology Readiness Level

Pennsylvania State University (PSU) will develop fuel processors for Anaerobic Digester Gas (ADG) and commercial diesel fuels, respectively, for integration with SOFC power generation systems. PSU will be responsible for the development of the adsorbent and reforming catalyst formulations, testing the adsorbents and reforming catalysts in laboratory flow reactor systems, the analytical characterization of trace level contaminants in the fuel processor reformate stream, and delivery of testing results. The fuel processor designs shall remove any harmful constituents from the fuels that may adversely affect SOFC performance, including the partial reformation of the fuel to remove higher hydrocarbon components. Additionally, inert components such as carbon dioxide may also be separated from the fuel stream. PSU will define the optimal fuel composition that supports the most effective fuel processing technology while maintaining adequate SOFC test platform performance.

The Technology Readiness Level (TRL) assessment identifies the current state of readiness of the key technologies being developed under the DOE’s Clean Coal Research Program. In FY 12, this project was not assessed.

The TRL assessment process and its results including definition and description of the levels may be found in the "2012 Technology Readiness Assessment-Analysis of Active Research Portfolio".

Project Details