CCS and Power Systems

Carbon Capture - Post-Combustion Capture

National Carbon Research Center at the Power Systems Development Facility

Performer: National Carbon Capture Center

Project No: NT0000749

Project Description

DOE/NETL and Southern Company Services have entered into a five-year cooperative agreement to establish and manage the NCCC at the PSDF. During this period, the NCCC and supporting industrial participants will:

  • Modify the PSDF to increase the facility’s ability to test, evaluate, and develop emerging CO2 capture systems for fossil-fueled power plants. The NCCC will include multiple slip-stream capabilities of variable throughput to accommodate the evaluation of a wide-range of capture technologies, including evaluation of pre-combustion CO2 capture, post-combustion CO2 capture, and oxy-combustion processes.

  • Test and develop CO2 capture technologies that provide improved efficiency and cost effectiveness over those currently deemed commercially available. In addition to individual component testing, components of the CO2 capture process will be integrated and optimized to provide data needed for scale-up.

  • Test, develop, and optimize components to enable the deployment of carbon capture with minimal increase in the cost of electricity. These components include gas contaminant cleanup, gas separations, coal/biomass gasification or combustion technologies, fuel cell technology, materials, sensor technology, and others.

  • Test and evaluate the transport gasifier with CO2 capture using a variety of fuels including coal/biomass mixtures to characterize the performance of the different technology units, their integration, and balance-of-plant processes.

Project Details