CCS and Power Systems

Advanced Energy Systems - Hydrogen Turbines

Coating Issues in Coal-Derived Synthesis Gas/Hydrogen-Fired Turbines

Performer: ORNL - Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Project No: FWP-FEAA070

Program Background and Project Benefits

This project will perform three tasks that will help understand the role of water vapor and dopants on thermal barrier coatings (TBC) lifetime. Turbine materials research seeks to improve coating materials that will allow for higher temperature operation and increased durability leading to increased turbine efficiency and reduced maintenance. Specifically, this project will study the effect of higher water vapor contents on TBC life during thermal cycling, quantify the benefit of adding yttrium (Y) and lanthanum (La) dopants to nickel (Ni)-base superalloys on TBC lifetime, and characterize the microstructure and microchemistry of these TBC systems to assist in mechanistic understanding of the roles of dopants and water vapor on coating lifetime.

Project Details