CCS and Power Systems

Advanced Energy Systems - Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

NETL-RUA Fuel Cells Initiative

Performer: NETL's Office of Research and Development

Project No: FWP-2012.03.04

Project Description

The NETL-Regional University Alliance (NETL-RUA) Fuel Cell Project performs fundamental SOFC technology evaluation, enhances existing SOFC technology, and develops advanced SOFC concepts in support of the SECA program. Research projects are designed to meet critical technology development needs that can be uniquely addressed by NETL-RUA and are broadly focused on investigation of the degradation processes of anode/electrolyte/cathode (AEC) components and engineering cathode materials and microstructures to enhance performance. The research approach for each component task is targeted to address SECA program technology development goals, especially with regard to reducing stack costs, increasing cell efficiency, and increasing stack longevity. The ultimate goal of these research and development efforts is to transfer technology that facilitates commercial acceptance of SOFC technology.

In FY14, the project will investigate the following tasks that directly addresses programmatically identified research priorities:

Task 2 Cell and Stack Degradation: Investigation of degradation modes exhibited by the anode/electrolyte/cathode (AEC), development of computational models describing the associated degradation rates, and generation of a modeling tool predicting long-term AEC degradation response.
Task 3 Electrode Engineering: Generation of novel cathode materials/microstructures and implementation of the improved cathode technology to enhance performance.
Task 5: System Level Economic and Process Models: Development of a facility to test 30 kWe stacks and systems.

Project Details