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Advanced Energy Systems - Hydrogen Turbines

Turbine Thermal Management

Performer: NETL On-Site Research

Project No: FWP-2012.03.02

Project Images

Figure 1. Results from Heat Transfer Enhancement Studies Conducted at the University of Pittsburgh for Advanced Internal Airfoil Cooling Concepts.

Figure 2. Virginia Tech’s Tripod Hole Film Cooling Configuration, Laboratory Test Equipment and Recent Experimental Results Demonstrating Enhanced Cooling Effectiveness over Current State-of-the-Art Film Cooling Configurations.

Figure 3. Microstructure of the Ames University HVOF Ni-ODS Overlay Coating on MarM-247 in the (a) Heat-Treated and (b) As-Sprayed Condition along with Corresponding X-Ray Spectra Indicating the Oxygen-Exchange Reaction and Precipitation of Oxide Dispersion Phase (Y4 Al2O9).

Figure 4. Ames Laboratory Grit Blasted Near Surface Embedded Micro-Channel Concept after Impregnation with Fugitive Thermoset Filler along the External Channels.

Figure 5. Commercial Production of NETL-RUA’s Advanced Cooling Concepts at Mikro Systems Inc. (a) First Cast CM247 Fully Bridged Pin Fin Coupons; (b) CT Scan of Cast CM247 Fully Bridged Pin Fin Coupon Illustrating Absence of Blockage within the Pin Fin Array; (c) CT Scan of Trailing Edge Zig-Zag Cooling Configuration; (d) Tripod Hole Film
Cooling Hole Core.

Figure 6. Area-Average Overall Effectiveness Illustrated as a Function of Blowing Ratio during Testing of Haynes 230 Coupons Containing Fan-Shaped Film Cooling Holes in NETL’s High Temperature, Pressurized Aerothermal Test Facility.

Figure 7. The New Secondary Flow Rotating Rig Design at Penn State has been Completed and Is Currently Being Manufactured and Assembled.

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