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Influence of Processing on Microstructure and Properties of Iron Aluminides and Coatings

Performer: Idaho National Laboratory

Project No: FWP-1168-100159


Techniques have been developed to quantify the durability of the coatings and the effect of thermal spray parameters on coating durability. Ultrasonic methods have been developed to detect cracking of the coating during thermal cycling up to the intended operating temperature.

Iron aluminide (Fe3Al) coatings were deposited on P91 steel, Inconel 600 (In600), and 316 stainless steel (316SS) substrates at a range of thermal spray chamber process parameters.

Thermal cycling cracking resistance tests were conducted on all the coating specimens. Coatings on In600 and 316SS substrates showed good resistance to cracking, with coatings prepared at higher spray chamber pressures having the best resistance to cracking.

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