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Advanced Energy Systems - Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Direct Utilization of Coal Syngas in High Temperature Fuel Cells

Performer: West Virginia University

Project No: FG02-06ER46299

Project Images




Figure 1. Microstructure images of anode aged in dry H2 with 10 ppm PH3 obtained using Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope (ESEM): (a) Initial at 25 oC (b) after 6 hours at 800 oC (c) final at 25 oC.



Figure 2: Yttrium migration along the Ni/YSZ interface in anode operated in syngas with 10 ppm PH3 (a) nano structure of Ni/YSZ interface (b) location of sampling points: tetragonal YSZ domain (blue), cubic YSZ domain (yellow) (c) Profiles of Y/Zr ratio.

Figure 3: Results for mole fraction inside the anode from the degradation model
after 2.5 hours of exposure to 10 ppm phosphine in 3 percent steam,
97 percent hydrogen fuel at about 850 oC.

Figure 4: Post-mortem PH3 poisoned cell anodes (2 cm diameter). (a) syngas at 750 oC,
(b) syngas at 850 oC, (c) dry H2 fuel at 800 oC and (d) dry H2 fuel without load at 800 oC.

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