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Chemical Looping Gasification for Hydrogen Enhanced Syngas Production in the Reaction Mixture Carbon Dioxide Capture

Performer: Ohio State University

Project No: FE0012136

Program Background and Project Benefits

Ohio State University will demonstrate the technical and economic advantages of a chemical looping gasification (CLG) process in context of integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) and coal-to-liquid plants. Project objectives are to 1) improve oxygen carrier performance, 2) demonstrate the CLG process at bench-scale to achieve greater than 98% coal conversion, 3) identify the effects and fates of sulfur, nitrogen, and other trace contaminants, 4) model cold-flow at sub-pilot scale, and 5) perform a comparative techno-economic analysis that validates the feasibility and attractiveness of the CLG system. Commercialized CLG technology is expected to improve the efficiency of coal-based gasification systems for both electricity generation and liquid fuels production while minimizing their carbon footprints.

Project Details