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Benefits of Integrating Aerojet Rocketdyne and RTI Advanced Gasification Technologies for Hydrogen-Rich Syngas Production

Performer: Research Triangle Institute (RTI)

Project No: FE0012066

Project Scope and Technology Readiness Level

The primary effort will focus on developing preliminary conceptual designs for utilizing novel advanced gasification and warm syngas cleanup technologies and conducting techno-economic analyses of the designs. Project personnel will use current DOE/NETL techno-economic evaluations—for both current state-of-the-art IGCC with carbon capture and methanol production with carbon capture—as the basis for relative comparisons with these advanced technologies. A combination of these technologies will be used to systematically evaluate and optimize the benefits associated with each technology. Technical experts will review each advanced technology design to ensure that they are conceptually correct and accurate. The techno-economic analyses for the integrated gasification and combined cycle power generation and methanol production cases are organized as separate tasks in order to (1) maintain a specific focus on the objectives, (2) exploit application-specific integration issues, and (3) enable parallel effort on these two applications. Experimental activity includes collecting key data that will be used to evaluate promising process configurations for H2 enrichment of the syngas. This H2 enrichment task focuses on demonstrating key technical requirements for the process and evaluating the subsequent research and development effort needed to achieve commercial deployment.

The Technology Readiness Level (TRL) assessment identifies the current state of readiness of the key technologies being developed under the DOE’s Clean Coal Research Program. This project has not been assessed.

The TRL assessment process and its results including definition and description of the levels may be found in the "2012 Technology Readiness Assessment-Analysis of Active Research Portfolio". 

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