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Advanced Energy Systems - Gasification Systems

Advanced Reactor Design for Integrated WGS/Pre-Combustion CO2 Capture

Performer: TDA Research Inc.

Project No: FE0012048

Project Description

This TDA project will demonstrate the technical and economic viability of an integrated water-gas-shift (WGS) catalyst/CO2 removal/thermal management system for an IGCC power plant and a coal to liquids (CTL) plant. It will explore the best reactor design option that allows for the integration of a proven high temperature CO2 adsorbent and a commercial WGS catalyst with improved thermal management. It will also use CFD modeling to assess the potential of using filter tubes for direct evaporative cooling while simultaneously supplying the process with the reactant steam. New reactors will be fabricated to evaluate the performance of the integrated system, first in the bench-scale tests and then in a field demonstration using actual coal-derived synthesis gas.

Project Details