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Thermally Effective and Efficient Cooling Technologies for Advanced Gas Turbines

Performer: University of North Dakota

Project No: FE0011875

Project Description

The objective of this University of North Dakota project is to research and develop three cooling methods for improved turbine airfoil cooling performance. The cooling technologies include incremental impingement for the leading edge, counter cooling for the pressure and suction surfaces, and sequential impingement for the pressure and suction surfaces of the vane. These methods are designed to improve the internal thermal effectiveness of the cooling air used before discharging the spent air onto the surface to form an optimal film cooling layer to thermally protect (i.e., reduce the heat load) the surface.

Picture of the LSU warm cascade. Pressure taps and thermocouples extensionsare extracted through sealing glands on the left. Combustor is upstream of the picture. Flow is from bottom to top.

Project Details