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New Mechanistic Models of Creep-Fatigue Interactions for Gas Turbine Components

Performer: Purdue University

Project No: FE0011796

Project Description

The objective of this Purdue University project is to develop novel tools to predict creep-fatigue crack growth in nickel-based gas turbine alloys for stationary power applications by employing a framework of irreversible cohesive zone models (ICZM) together with a viscoplastic strain gradient (VPSG) continuum formulation. The present work investigates alloy IN 718. The ultimate goal is to create and validate a robust, multi-scale, mechanism-based model that quantitatively predicts creep-fatigue crack growth and failure in nickel-based gas turbine alloy IN 718. A successful model could be embedded into standard finite element software as an add-on analysis tool for gas turbine designers and thus greatly improve their capability to design safe gas turbines without excessive and costly over-design or unsafe under-design.

Project Details