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High-Pressure Turbulent Flame Speeds and Chemical Kinetics of Syngas Blends with and without Impurities

Performer: Texas Engineering Experiment Station

Project No: FE0011778

Project Description

This Texas Engineering Experiment Station project aims to further the understanding of how turbulent flame speeds vary for syngas blends under realistic engine conditions and compile and demonstrate the validity of a comprehensive kinetics model that can predict laminar flame speed and ignition behavior of high-hydrogen content fuels in the presence of likely contaminants and diluents. The project will utilize both flame speed and shock tubes test facilities to obtain fundamental combustion data relevant for chemical kinetics modeling. Experiments include existing flame speed and shock-tube facilities as well as a new high-pressure turbulent flame speed with a capability up to 20 atmospheres with a controllable and repeatable level of turbulence.

High-temperature, high-pressure laminar flame speed vessel.

High-temperature, high-pressure laminar flame speed vessel.

Project Details