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Microstructure Sensitive Crystal Viscoplasticity for Ni-Base Superalloys

Performer: Georgia Tech Research Corporation

Project No: FE0011722

Project Description

The aim of this Georgia Tech project is to develop a microstructure-sensitive crystal viscoplasticity (CVP) model for single-crystal Ni-base superalloys targeted for use in the hot gas path sections of industrial gas turbines (IGT). Microstructure degradation associated with aging critical to predicting long-term creep-fatigue interactions will be embedded into the CVP model through the ?’ precipitate morphology evolution by coupling the coarsening drivers and kinetics into the constitutive equations of the CVP model. This will be accomplished by systematically artificially aging the alloy under different stress conditions to determine the relationship between the size and morphology ?’ precipitates on the thermomechanical fatigue response. Long-term creep-fatigue interaction studies with specific emphasis on role of microstructure will be conducted on a single-crystal Ni-base superalloy with potential application to IGT.

Project Details