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Investigation on Pyroelectric Ceramic Temperature Sensors for Energy System Applications

Performer: University of Texas at El Paso

Project No: FE0011235

Project Description

The research team will fabricate pyroelectric ceramic films using an electrophoretic deposition process and characterize their material properties such as microstructure, morphology, and crystal structure. Pyroelectric materials generate an electric charge upon a change in temperature, and it is this effect upon which the sensor is based. Deposition by electrophoresis—the motion of dispersed particles in a fluid under uniform electric charge—has many advantages and may be achieved by a number of methods.

The wireless sensor system will be constructed using a pyroceramic and inductive coupling technique, where the current generated by the pyroceramic will, upon a change in temperature, be converted to magnetic flux that is wirelessly detected by an inductance coil. Before applying this wireless sensor system to energy systems, it will be calibrated using a commercial thermocouple as a reference. Finally, the research team will conduct torch and combustor rig testing to determine the sensor’s ability to function in the energy system. A full report of the sensor’s design, fabrication process, and characterization method will be delivered upon completion of the project.

Figure 1. Calibration and Demonstration of wireless temperature sensing.

Project Details