CCS and Power Systems

Advanced Energy Systems - Coal and Coal/Biomass to Liquids

Small Scale Coal Biomass Liquids Production Using Highly Selective Fischer Tropsch Catalyst

Performer: Southern Research Institute

Project No: FE0010231


Southern Research has designed and validated, and is finalizing the construction of the bench-scale skid-mounted FT reactor system. A design hazard review has been completed. The system includes a high pressure gas cleanup system that includes unit operations for removing sulfur, tar, ammonia, and trace contaminants to produce a clean syngas using both coal and coal-biomass feed stocks. The system will be commissioned at Southern Research's pilot plant facility using synthetic syngas and then transported to the NCCC to be integrated with their pilot-scale gasifier. The gasifier will be run with coal only and with coal mixed with up to 20% biomass. Coal and cal-biomass derived syngas slip stream from the NCCC gasifier will be delivered to the skid for liquid production.

Project Details