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Small Scale Coal Biomass Liquids Production Using Highly Selective Fischer Tropsch Catalyst

Performer: Southern Research Institute

Project No: FE0010231

Project Description

Fischer-Tropsch (FT) process converts a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen, called syngas, into liquid hydrocarbons. It is a leading technology for converting syngas derived from gasification of coal and coal-biomass mixtures to hydrocarbons in coal to liquids (CTL) and coal-biomass to liquids (CBTL) processes. However, conventional FTS catalysts produce undesirable waxes (C21+) that need to be upgraded to liquids (C5-C20) by hydrotreating. This adds significantly to the cost of FTS.

The objectives of this Southern Research Institute project are (i) to demonstrate potential for CBTL cost reduction by maximizing the production of C5-C20 hydrocarbon liquids using a selective FTS catalyst and (ii) to evaluate the impacts of the addition of biomass to coal on product characteristics, carbon foot print, and economics.

A novel bench-scale reactor system will be designed built and tested for economical and environmentally-sustainable conversion of coal-biomass feedstocks to gasoline- and diesel-range hydrocarbon liquids using the Fischer-Tropsch (FT) process chemistry. Selective FT conversion of coal- and coal-biomass derived syngas to C5-C20 hydrocarbon liquids will be carried out using a syngas slip-stream from the pilot-scale gasifier at the National Carbon Capture Center (NCCC). A novel FT catalyst being proposed removes the standard product upgrading and refining steps, allowing the CBTL process to become competitive with petroleum-based processes. Development and commercialization of a cost-effective gasification/FTS-based CBTL process to produce renewable gasoline is another step toward increasing the Nation's fuel supply diversity and energy security through the use of our abundant coal resources while at the same time protecting the environment.

National Carbon Capture Center Slip Stream Test Site

National Carbon Capture Center Slip Stream Test Site

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