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Commercialization of the Iron Base Coal Direct Chemical Looping Process for Power Production with in situ Carbon Dioxide Capture

Performer: Babcock & Wilcox Power Generation Group

Project No: FE0009761


The project was selected for continuation into Phase II. B&W completed the CDCL preliminary commercial design and drawing for Phase I, performed char gasification experiments, and performed a techno-economic analysis. The cost for the 550-MWe CDCL plant, developed at the Total Plant Cost level, which includes equipment, materials, indirect labor costs, engineering, and contingencies, is approximately $2,508 per net kilowatt. The cost of electricity without transmission and substation (T&S) is $102.672/MWh. Char gasification kinetics were studied using a thermogravimetic analyzer. The tests studied the effect of temperature, char particle size, and presence of oxygen carriers on the rate of char gasification under carbon dioxide conditions. Results of these studies showed that—for char particle sizes larger than 500µm—the effect of particle size on the char residence time was almost insignificant and the overall residence time was much less in the presence of oxygen carriers and at elevated temperatures.

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