Systematic Assessment of Wellbore Integrity for Geologic Carbon Storage Projects Using Regulatory and Industry Information Email Page
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Performer: Battelle Memorial Institute
Digital 3-D image of wells in the<br/>Michigan Albion-Scipio Trend
Digital 3-D image of wells in the
Michigan Albion-Scipio Trend
Website: Battelle Memorial Institute
Award Number: FE0009367
Project Duration: 10/01/2012 – 10/31/2015
Total Award Value: $1,719,446
DOE Share: $1,219,433
Performer Share: $500,013
Technology Area: Geologic Storage
Key Technology: GS: Wellbore
Location: Columbus, Ohio

Project Description

The objective of this project is to assess depositional, structural, and diagenetic characteristics of caprock/reservoir interfaces across the midwestern region, and how insight gained from observation linked to coupled modeling can contribute to best modeling practices. The project will complete a systematic assessment of wellbore integrity using regulatory and industry information. Specifically, this project is developing a short-list of oil/gas, gas storage, or injection wells in the Appalachian and Michigan Basins for a detailed assessment of well history and to collect sustained casing pressure and mechanical integrity test data.The project will determine the distribution of wellbores in a study area through collection and analysis of well records. Technical items such as cement degradation, cracks and microannulus, acid-gas zones, channeling, casing corrosion, wellhead leaks, and sustained annulus presssures are being evaluated with historical well records, field monitoring of selected gas storage wells, and review of regulatory information. The data review will be linked to analysis of well casing annulus pressure data as they relate to well condition. Project results will identify and develop methodologies that can indicate future wellbore integrity risks from available public domain data with high confidence.

Project Benefits

This project is evaluating the risk of well failure and therefore is improving our understanding of potential leakage of CO2 from carbon storage projects. Rather than focusing on a specific aspect of wellbore integrity, the project is designed to develop technology to account for wellbore issues from field evaluation to CO2 storage field siting, to mitigation measures for compromised wellbores.

Contact Information

Federal Project Manager William O'Dowd:
Technology Manager Traci Rodosta:
Principal Investigator Mark Moody:


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