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Effective Exploration of New 760 Degrees Celsius-Capability Steels for Coal Energy

Performer: Ohio State University Research Foundation

Project No: FE0008960

Project Description

The project team will perform research to develop new steels capable of operating at AUSC boiler and steam turbine conditions of approximately 760 degrees Celsius (°C) and 35 megapascals [1,400 degrees Fahrenheit (°F) and 5,000 pounds per square inch]. New compositions and new strengthening mechanisms or microstructures will be identified using computational thermodynamics and high-throughput diffusion multiples experiments. This method subjects a small sample of various metals to high temperature, thus creating many alloys, intermetallic compounds, and phases in one lab scale sample. The team will focus on exploring steel compositions with high iron and chromium concentrations. Alloys of high iron concentration (rather than expensive nickel-based superalloys) are important for cost reduction, and high chromium concentration is essential for oxidation and hot-corrosion resistance.

Project Details