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Scoping Studies to Evaluate the Benefits of an Advanced Dry Feed System on the Use of Low-Rank Coal in IGCC Technologies

Performer: General Electric

Project No: FE0007902

Project Description

The U.S. has large reserves of low-cost, low-rank coal, but use in IGCC systems is, to a large extent, limited by the capabilities of available coal feed systems. Conventional dry feed systems feed coal through a system of lock hoppers. This approach has high capital, operating, and maintenance costs and poor reliability, issues that are exacerbated as operating pressure increases. Slurry feed systems suffer an efficiency penalty resulting from the need to evaporate and heat the water contained in the high inherent moisture low-rank coals and the additional water added to form a pumpable slurry, thereby reducing efficiency.

Project personnel are preparing comparative techno-economic studies of two IGCC power plant cases: one with and one without advanced dry feed technology. A common basis of design is being developed. For both cost and performance comparisons, the baseline case (without advanced dry feed technology) is being developed using operational data from the Eastman Chemical Company’s Kingsport gasification facility in combination with data from the DOE case study for IGCC using a low-rank coal with 90 percent carbon capture. Advanced dry feed technology, based upon the Posimetric pump currently under development by GE, will be developed to match the proposed plant conditions and configuration, and analyzed to provide comparative performance and cost information to the baseline plant case. The scope of this analysis covers the feed system from the raw coal silo through the gasifier injector.

Project Details