CCS and Power Systems

Advanced Energy Systems - Gasification Systems

Feasibility Studies to Improve Plant Availability and Reduce Total Installed Cost in IGCC Plants

Performer: General Electric

Project No: FE0007859

Project Scope and Technology Readiness Level

In this project, GE will perform techno-economic studies on its IGCC technology focused on cost and/or availability criteria. The scope of work includes the identification of system- and component-level requirements for each task and subtask; the development of designs and materials as required for technical evaluation of concepts, validation, and testing of components/sub-systems; and the development of appropriate operating methodologies, simulations, and control philosophies where applicable.

The Technology Readiness Level (TRL) assessment identifies the current state of readiness of the key technologies being developed under the DOE’s Clean Coal Research Program. In FY 12, this project was assessed a TRL of 2.

The TRL assessment process and its results including definition and description of the levels may be found in the "2012 Technology Readiness Assessment-Analysis of Active Research Portfolio".

Project Details