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Performer: Ohio State University
Supported hybrid membrane concept
Supported hybrid membrane concept
Website: Ohio State University Research Foundation
Award Number: FE0007632
Project Duration: 10/01/2011 – 12/31/2015
Total Award Value: $4,178,874
DOE Share: $3,000,000
Performer Share: $1,178,874
Technology Area: Post-Combustion Capture
Key Technology: Membranes
Location: Columbus, OH

Project Description

The Ohio State University (OSU), along Gradient Technology, TriSep Corporation, and American Electric Power, will develop a cost-effective design and manufacturing process for novel membrane modules that efficiently capture carbon dioxide (CO2) from power plant flue gas. The innovative membrane design combines the selectivity and stability of inorganic microporous membranes and the cost and flexibility of polymer materials. The membranes consist of a thin selective inorganic layer embedded in a polymer structure that allows it to be manufactured in a continuous process. This design will result in hybrid membranes with exceptionally high CO2 permeance, high selectivity of CO2 over nitrogen, and the full operational stability needed for energy-efficient CO2 capture. The membranes will be incorporated in spiral-wound modules and implemented in a two-stage CO2 capture process with the potential to achieve greater than 90 percent CO2 capture of at least 95 percent pure CO2. Three prototype membrane modules will be fabricated and bench-scale testing will be conducted with simulated flue gas to validate the membrane’s performance. Technical and economic feasibility studies will be completed, as well as an environmental, health, and safety assessment.

Project Benefits

The novel composite membrane design combines favorable inorganic membrane selectivity with the cost-effectiveness of polymer processing in continuous mode. These technologies provide the potential for high permeance and selectivity, significantly reducing capital and operating costs. The project is anticipated to produce a cost-effective design and manufacturing process for CO2 capture membrane modules that can contribute to achieving DOE goals.

Contact Information

Federal Project Manager José Figueroa:
Technology Manager Lynn Brickett:
Principal Investigator W.S. Winston Ho:


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