CCS and Power Systems

Carbon Capture - Post-Combustion Capture

Low-Pressure Membrane Contactors for Carbon Dioxide Capture

Performer: Membrane Technology & Research Inc.

Project No: FE0007553


  • The project team conducted spacer testing to determine the pressure drop performance of various commercially available products. Pressure drop simulation calculations focused on the effect of feed compression, while module design efforts compared cross-flow and countercurrent sweep.

  • Membrane envelope sealing techniques have been identified and membrane module production protocols were developed. Membrane sealing activities include screening various silicone sealants and developing heat sealing techniques.

  • CFD module design has been completed. CFD has been used to investigate new split feed or sweep stream module designs. Pressure drop calculations have been incorporated into CFD simulations of flows and mass transfers.

  • 20 m2 membrane modules have been assembled using different sealing and modified production methods.

  • Pressure drop and separation performance tests have been conducted on a module test system built and designed for 20 m2 modules. A membrane module met a first year milestone for pressure drop and separation performance.

  • A test system for 100 m2 membrane modules has been designed and is under construction.

  • Pressure drop and flow distribution through different spacers was simulated using three-dimensional computer models.

  • A technical and economic analysis was conducted of an all-membrane process for CO2 removal from coal power plant flue gas.

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