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Carbon Capture - Post-Combustion Capture

Combined Pressure, Temperature Contrast and Surface-Enhanced Separation of Carbon Dioxide for Post-Combustion Carbon Capture

Performer: William Marsh Rice University

Project No: FE0007531


  • Completed a techno-economic feasibility study comparing the performance of the process with the DOE reference case that uses the Fluor Econamine process for CO2 capture.

  • Designed and developed an experimental setup to study and compare the mass and heat transfer characteristics of ceramic foam with those of a reference commercial tower packing material.

  • Conducted hydrodynamic and mass transfer studies on different grades of unfunctionalized ceramic foam to characterize their properties.

  • Experimental results were used to design the stainless steel prototype to perform proof-of-concept, bench-scale testing of the combined pressure and temperature swing process to confirm that 90 percent CO2 removal is achievable under the selected gas and liquid flow conditions. Following the studies, careful design and sizing efforts were initiated to develop a plan for fabricating the stainless steel prototype.

  • Completed construction of a stainless steel prototype of a combined absorption/desorption vessel and initiated shakedown experiments.

  • Conducted a literature survey to select methods for attaching amine functional groups on the ceramic foam surface. Three possible methods for alumina foam functionalization were identified based on the literature survey.

  • Conducted experiments to examine various methods to functionalize the ceramic foams.

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