CCS and Power Systems

Advanced Energy Systems - Hydrogen Turbines

Fundamental Studies to Enable Robust, Reliable, Low Emission Gas Turbine Combustion of High Hydrogen Content Fuels

Performer: Regents of the University of Michigan

Project No: FE0007465


  • Experiments of syngas ignition targeted to identify criteria for weak and strong ignition were completed.
    • The results demonstrate that for experiments with strong ignition behavior the Li et al. (2007) chemical mechanism applied in a zero-dimensional homo geneous reactor simulation accurately predicts the measured auto-ignition delay times.
    • A close relationship between transitions in weak and strong ignition behavior and transitions across the classical and extended 2nd limits of H2/O2 explosion was demonstrated using a pressure/temperature map of ignition behavior.
  • Uncertainties in the key reactions in the detailed reaction mechanism for syngas combustion were quantified in this study and shown to be significant at the conditions of interest to gas turbine combustors.

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