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Advanced Energy Systems - Hydrogen Turbines

Fundamental Studies to Enable Robust, Reliable, Low Emission Gas Turbine Combustion of High Hydrogen Content Fuels

Performer: Regents of the University of Michigan

Project No: FE0007465

Project Description

At the University of Michigan’s Rapid Compression Facility (RCF), experiments will be conducted to extend the high-quality, low-uncertainty experimental database of high hydrogen content (HHC) combustion kinetic benchmarks over a range of operating conditions, including pressures (10–25 atmospheres), temperatures (700–1700K), and the effects of dilution with exhaust gases (where uncertainties in third body coefficients become particularly important). Flammability limits and flame/auto-ignition inter-actions will be determined computationally and experimentally. The RCF data will provide rigorous targets for development of accurate, well validated, detailed, and reduced chemical kinetic reaction mechanisms for HHC combustion, including nitrogen oxide (NOx) chemistry.

University of Michigan Rapid Compression Facility.

Project Details