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Low Thermal Conductivity, High Durability Thermal Barrier Coatings for IGCC Environments

Performer: University of Connecticut

Project No: FE0007382

Project Images

Figure 1. Solution Precursor Plasma Spray Process.

Figure 2. Thermal conductivity of SPPS YSZ reduced 50% compared to APS YSZ using planar arrays of porosity (IPBs). The more prominent the IPB structure, the lower the thermal conductivity.

Figure 3. Gadolinium Zirconate (GdZr) protective surface layer (PSL) successfully applied. Top left image is an electron microscope image of a multi-layer coating with the bottom layer being the substrate, the middle layer is YSZ, and the top layer is GdZr. The other images are chemical maps created with Electron Dispersion Spectroscopy. The GdZr PSL can clearly be seen at the top and there is minimal chemical interaction between the layers.

Figure 4. Erosion performance of SPPS YSZ TBCs with IPBs comparable to APS YSZ coatings. The lower the coating mass loss rate, the better the erosion resistance.

Figure 5. CMAS resistance coating successfully applied using SPPS process for new YSZ-based TBCs with additional contents of Alumina and Titanium oxide.

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