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Advanced Energy Systems - Hydrogen Turbines

An Alternative Low-Cost Process for Deposition of McRally Bond Coats for Advanced Syngas/Hydrogen Turbine Applications

Performer: Tennessee Technological University

Project No: FE0007332


  • Established a well-controlled laboratory process of fabricating Cr-Al-Y powder using arc melting followed by ball milling.
  • Employed two electro-codeposition configurations, i.e., vertical and horizontal (also known as sediment codeposition) arrangements in synthesis of composite coatings consisting of the Ni matrix and the embedded Cr-Al-Y particles.
  • Studied the effects of electro-codeposition parameters on Cr-Al-Y particle incorporation in the coating using a Design-of-Experiment approach.
  • Investigated the potential of using a sulfur-free fluoboratebased nickel plating solution for electro-codeposition of MCrAlY coatings.

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