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High Temperature Thermoelectric Oxides Engineered at Multiple Length Scales for Energy Harvesting

Performer: University of Washington

Project No: FE0007272

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Combinatorial Materials Exploration (CME) is a thin film based technique to rapidly screen materials properties from a broadly distributed compositional range of the specimen (CME library). Experimentally, a pulsed laser deposition is used to fabricate a binary or ternary CME library, from which a compositional range to yield desired functional properties is determined by mapping technique. We will use this technique to screen the compositions of ferroelectric materials for thermoelectric applications.


Powders of optimal compositions (determined by the CME process) are sinter-forged to make textured bulk polycrystals. We use pore formers and partial sintering to create hierarchical porosity thermoelectric oxides. The application of the stress during sintering, leads to texture in both porosity (shown in the micrographs in the bottom row) and in grain orientation.

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