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University of Texas at El Paso
Sputter Deposition System Developed by the Researchers
Sputter Deposition System Developed by the Researchers
Website:  University of Texas at El Paso
Award Number:  FE0007225
Project Duration:  10/01/2011 – 01/31/2015
Total Award Value:  $200,000.00
DOE Share:  $200,000.00
Performer Share:  $0.00
Technology Area:  University Training and Research
Key Technology:  Sensors and Controls
Location:  El Paso, Texas

Project Description

This project is intended to investigate and deliver high-temperature oxygen sensors based on pure and doped gallium oxide (Ga2O3) nanostructures operating at 800 °C and above in a corrosive atmosphere. The impetus is designing the Ga2O3-based nanostructured materials for application as oxygen sensors operating at extremely high temperatures in fossil fuel energy systems with a demonstrated reliability, stability and without any interference from other pollutants/emissions.

Project Benefits

This project will design gallium oxide (Ga2O3)-based nanostructured materials capable of operating under extreme conditions. The expected impact of this technology is lower operating costs through more accurate measurements of the conditions inside a gasifier or boiler to better control their operation. Improved O2 sensors will also contribute to the development of cleaner and more efficient coal-fired power generating plants.

Contact Information

Federal Project Manager 
Richard Dunst:
Technology Manager 
Robert Romanosky:
Principal Investigator 
Chintalapalle Ramana:


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