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Large Eddy Simulation Modeling of Flashback and Flame Stabilization in Hydrogen-rich Gas Turbines using a Hierarchical Validation Approach

Performer: University of Texas at Austin

Project No: FE0007107

Project Images

Figure 1. Jet flames in crossflow with different levels of premixing. The fuel is 70% CH4 +30% H2. From left to right: non-premixed, jet fluid diluted by 25% (volume basis) with air, and jet fluid diluted by 50% with air.

Figure 2. UT high pressure combustor.

Figure 3. Instantaneous contour of mixture fraction = 0.2, colored by temperature.

Figure 4. Instantaneous contour of T = 1400 K, colored by velocity.

Figure 5. Time-sequenced images of simultaneous two-component PIV velocity fields and chemiluminescence of a CH4/H2-flame during flashback. The PIV is at left and the luminosity is at right. (a) time=5.6 ms, (b) time=11.6 ms and (c) time=17.6 ms. The edge of the flame, as marked by the evaporation of oil droplets, is shown by the red line in the PIV images. The reactants flow upward and the flame (red line in PIV image at left) propagates downward.

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