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Advanced Energy Systems - Hydrogen Turbines

Large Eddy Simulation Modeling of Flashback and Flame Stabilization in Hydrogen-rich Gas Turbines using a Hierarchical Validation Approach

Performer: University of Texas at Austin

Project No: FE0007107


  • Designed a new premixed swirl flame burner to study flashback in collaboration with industry experts.
  • Evaluated a new technique for comparing LES results and experimental data using particle image velocimetry (PIV) data acquired in JICF. This technique reveals the inadequacy of models for turbulent, intermittent quantities.
  • Developed a direct quadrature method of moments (DQMOM) approach for complex geometries and implemented it in a highly parallel open source code. Preliminary simulations of canonical flow configurations show that the methodology is capable of accurately capturing flame evolution in turbulent flows. In particular, the methodology predicts the change in flame length and location as the hydrogen content in the fuel changes.
  • Based on discussions with GE and Siemens, an open source platform called OpenFOAM is being used for transferring the models. The first version of the DQMOM model has been shipped to Siemens under this framework.
  • Completed Kilohertz-rate PIV study of swirl burner with premixed and non-premixed fuel injection.
  • Completed LES study of swirl burner with inflow conditions obtained from experiments.
  • Completed simulation of flashback in turbulent channels and comparison to high-resolution direct numerical simulation study.
  • Developed a flamelet-based model for premixed and partially-premixed combustion.

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