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Advanced Energy Systems - Hydrogen Turbines

Structure and Dynamics of Fuel Jets Injected into a High-Temperature Subsonic Crossflow: High-Data-Rate Laser Diagnostic Investigation

Performer: Purdue University

Project No: FE0007099


  • Designed and fabricated the necessary components for the modification of the test rig for RJIC studies. The major difference between the old and new test rig configurations is that the window dimensions are considerably larger: 98 mm wide x 73 mm high in the new test rig as compared to 63.5 mm wide x 38.1 mm high in the old test rig. 
  • Performed a series of tests in the new test rig to compare performance and results from the new test rig with the old test rig. These measurements were performed using transverse jet injection nozzles designed in collaboration with Siemens Power Systems.
  • Designed and fabricated a particle seeder for high-speed, high-pressure PIV.
  • Completed dual pump (H2/N2) CARS experiment for 3 RJIC conditions. Data analysis is on-going and soon to be completed. For each test conditions the CARS probe volume was transverse through 140 spatial locations in a grid like pattern, and at each spatial location 300 H2/N2 spectra were collected, so in total for each condition 140X300 spectra were collected.
  • Completed high-speed OH-PLIF measurements (@ 5kHz) of the RJIC for 4 different test conditions for NG jet injection. HHC gas jet injection will be completed in the near future. Orthogonal decomposition techniques were used to obtain qualitative and quantitative analysis of the PLIF images.
  • Made rig modifications for the high speed PIV measurements.
  • Completed high-speed PIV measurements at a repetition rate of 5kHz for the same test conditions as OH PLIF. Data analysis is on-going.

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