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Advanced Energy Systems - Coal and Coal/Biomass to Liquids

Development of Kinetics and Mathematical Models for High Pressure Gasification of Lignite-Switchgrass Blends

Performer: Georgia Tech Research Corporation

Project No: FE0005339

Program Background and Project Benefits

This Georgia Tech Research Corporation project will use an experimental reactor to produce data and develop kinetic rate expressions for pyrolysis and char gasification for coal-biomass blends. The impact of this project will be to develop a cost-effective gasification-based CBTL process to produce renewable liquid fuels that will provide diversity of fuel supply and energy security while resulting in lower future capital and operating costs. Specifically, this project will evaluate the effect of pyrolysis conditions on the porous char structure to build mathematical models that combine true kinetic rate expressions with transport models for predicting gasification behavior for a broad range of pressures and temperatures, and to investigate the physical and chemical parameters that might lead to synergistic effects in coal-biomass blends gasification.

Project Details