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Advanced Energy Systems - Coal and Coal/Biomass to Liquids

Development of Biomass-Infused Coal Briquettes for Co-Gasification

Performer: CoalTek Inc.

Project No: FE0005293

Project Description

This project will demonstrate an application of a CoalTek, Inc. (CoalTek) proprietary microwave process for treating energy feedstock materials. The process combines coal and biomass to produce an economically viable and suitable single-stream feedstock for co-gasification. Phase I of the project will focus on microwave processing, batch-scale production, and laboratory characterizations of briquettes with the objective to identify the combinations of biomass and coal types that provide the most suitable briquetted product for co-gasification. Phase II will use a larger scale, continuous mode process to (1) demonstrate the performance of the co-briquetted fuels during co-gasification in two different pilot-plant designs, i.e., fixed-bed and fluidized-bed gasifiers, and (2) enable realistic cost estimates for the construction and operation of a commercial-scale biomass-coal briquetting plant based on CoalTek's proprietary microwave process.

Biomass-Infused Coal Briquettes for Co-Gasification:
a. (left) Briquettes; b. (right) Briquettes in hand.

Project Details