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Advanced Hydrogen Transport Membranes for Coal Gasification

Performer: Praxair, Inc.

Project No: FE0004908

Program Background and Project Benefits

The Praxair hydrogen transport membrane (HTM) project targets improvements in H2-CO2 separation membrane characteristics, including higher permeability, higher selectivity, and lower membrane cost. Specifically, the project work will scale-up current HTM technology to develop the design of a membrane hydrogen-separation unit capable of producing at least 4 tons/day of H2 from syngas derived from coal or coal-biomass by testing a 2 lbs/day membrane module using coal-derived syngas. Increased efficiency and directly resulting cost reductions come by operating the transport membranes at higher temperature (in combination with warm gas cleanup technology being developed). HTM technology will be versatile, applicable to both integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) with over 90% carbon capture, and having the ability to make chemical grade hydrogen for liquid fuel, chemicals synthesis, and polygeneration applications.

Project Details