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Carbon Storage - Geologic Storage Technologies and Simulation and Risk Assessment

Nature and Dynamics of the Reservoir/Caprock Contact and Implications for Carbon Storage Performance

Performer: New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

Project No: FE0004844


The following accomplishments contribute to the project’s goals of better understanding the thermal, hydrological, chemical and mechanical properties that affect conditions at sandstone-mudrock interfaces:

  • Performed geologic descriptions and conceptual models of interfaces to help quantify mechanical variability across the confining layer/storage formations for numerous sites and obtained data for fracture density and orientation on tens of kilometers of outcrops as part of the goal to capture the physical properties at interfaces.

  • Obtained stable-isotope data for the calcite-filled fractures that cut the Utah caprock lithologies. This was done to help constrain the nature of the fluids that accomplished the mineralization.

  • Continued analysis of core samples that penetrate the entire Eau Claire Formation and Mt. Simon Sandstone in Iowa, including the interface between the two. Results confirm the excellent sealing capacity of the Eau Claire Formation and the high quality of the Mt. Simon Sandstone reservoir lithology as a storage formation. These data are being used to study the physical properties of the interface.

  • Began to obtain subsurface data on mechanical properties of the Navajo/Carmel and Entrada interfaces with the goal of looking for evidence of preferential cementation near the interface.

  • Continued modeling efforts using the conceptual geologic models and associated permeability models.

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